Nordic Offshore has a track record undertaking post lay inspection and burial services of pipelines using our ROTS II system.

The system is capable of burial of a broad range of subsea pipelines.

The system is neutrally buoyant, thus enabling a touch free and safe burial of pipelines.

R2 mobilised with 3 jetting pos. for pipeline burial
The R2 control system has provision for easy integration of all necessary sub systems such as pipetrackers, profilers and additional sonars.
Although Nordic Offshore endeavours to supply turnkey projects for fibre optic cable projects, we have no intentions to become a turnkey contractor for installation of pipelines.

We have the willingness and capability to provide PIPELINE BURIAL- and PLIB services ranging from solely trenching to more complete PLIB packages.

Nordic Offshore can provide other necessary services such as vessel of opportunity, comprehensive survey services etc. as required.

Hence Nordic Offshore can provide the customer with a complete PLIB package for pipelaying projects.